Birth of the Inter-Club Golf Committee

Golf in Vancouver was born on November 5 1892 with the formation of the Vancouver Golf Club (no relation to the present V.G.C.). The 6-hole course was built on links-type lands at Jericho where in 1895 a violent storm covered the course with debris and the course was moved to the cricket grounds at Brockton Point. After a later move to the Moodyville Rifle Range in North Vancouver, golf ceased in Vancouver about 1899, not to resume again until 1905.

In 1903, the CPR laid plans for a 9-hole course on their Shaughnessy lands, however, the golf operation stopped and houses were built instead. Permanent roots were finally established with the formation of Jericho Syndicate Ltd. in 1905 and the original 6-hole course was expanded to a sporty links-style 9-hole course.

On November 22,1910, the first official meeting was held to form the B.C. Golf Club later renamed the Vancouver Golf Club, and play began on 6 holes in 1911, the full 9-noles completed later that year. Inter-Club events began between Jericho and Vancouver Club, chiefly mixed play held on Sunday afternoons due to the days outing required by Interurban transit lines.

Vancouver in 1911 was a booming spot on the West Coast and the CPR could foresee great profits in developing their residential lands. Shaughnessy Heights was one such area and in 1911 a housing development was laid out with a spectacular golf course holding the central position. Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club opened for play in 1912.

In 1913 the lower mainland's three 9 hole golf golf courses co-ordinated inter-club events, for both men and women, thus the Committee was established. The golfing season concluded with the inaugural Vancouver & Districts Men's Golf Championship held at Jericho on June 13-14,1913. Touring the 9-hole layout 4 times, Mr. A Yellowless won with 154, the first Champion.

It should be noted that this was a closed competition, as Vancouver Island also held their own District Championship with Koksihia Golf Club, Qualicum Golf Club, Macauly Point Golf Club and Victoria Golf Club. From the two district championships, 8 man teams were chosen for annual competition between the Island and the Mainland players.

A comprehensive program of events for every category of golfer is now in place and Inter-Club competitions are held beginning in April and ending in September. Your Committee makes every effort to keep pace with the times and is proud to have been instrumental in the formation of The British Columbia Golf House Society. The hard-working and dedicated Society directors have showcased the history of the ancient and honourable game at the 1930 original West Point Golf Course clubhouse, A world-class collection of golf memorabilia is on display there, so why not drop in?

Snap-shot themes from the major golfing era's are depicted in the museum section, starting with the Dutch era in 1400 and ending with modern days. The building also features a British Columbia room, a Hall-of-Fame room, an extensive library room, and old-clubmaker's room a gift shop and the trophy and video room downstairs. Visitors will be able to see the rich golfing heritage of British Columbia and take away with them items of unique golfing character not available readily at golf retail outlets.