Brief History of the Senior Tour

The Senior Tour is comprised of five events from May to October. The first event is a combination of the tour, and first round of the Zone 4 Senior Championship. The low 60 gross scores from this event who have entered the Championship advance to the second round. (with a minimum of 10 from each of three age groups) The total gross scores of the two rounds determines the Zone 4 Senior Amateur Champion and the Zone 4 Team.

Originally only two Tour events run by The Interclub Golf Committee (1913) were scheduled, however due to their popularity, by 1986, three more tournaments were added. These events were hosted on a rotating basis by the Private Clubs, with the June event becoming the Zone 2 Senior Amateur Championship. All five events were added to the BCGA Five Year Plan at that time, however in 1990 the BCGA determined that only Tournaments Of Excellence would be included in their plan.

In 1991 due to heavy play at the Private Clubs on weekends, the Senior Tour events were moved to a Monday afternoon. In order to create some revenue for the hosting Private Clubs, a banquet was added following each event. This was only a temporary fix so a year later the three summer events were moved to public courses.

In 2002 the Zone 4 Private Clubs agreed to host the Zone 4 Senior Championship on a rotating 9 year schedule, but with a restricted field of 60 players. This made it necessary to assign the first Tour event as the Championship qualifying round.

  • The Senior tour was initiated in 1984 by Russ White, a Director of the Interclub Golf Committee (1913)
  • In late 1986 Zone 2 became Zone 4.
  • The Interclub Golf Committee (1913) has been renamed BCGA Zone 4 Interclub Golf Committee
  • The Zone Senior Championship originated in1978 as a replacement for the Mid Amateur
  • The Derek Glazer trophy in recognition of the Zone 4 Senior Golfer of The Year originated in 1990